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Regina once upon a time

Regina Once Upon A Time Regina Mills

Regina Mills ist eine Hauptfigur in Once Upon a Time. Sie adoptierte den Sohn von Emma Swan und. Regina, auch bekannt als die Böse Königin, ist eine Hauptfigur in Once Upon a Time. Sie löste den. In Staffel 4B von "Once Upon a Time" kämpfen Regina und die anderen Helden gegen die Schurken. This blog is dedicated to the Fantasy/Drama series 'Once Upon a Time', as well as its talented cast! Wallpapers Es War Einmal, Regina Mills, Rote Königin. Erkunde Lena's Creative Spaces Pinnwand „Regina Mills“ auf Pinterest. | Weitere Ideen zu Once Upon a Time, Regina mills und Evil queens.

regina once upon a time

Erkunde Lena's Creative Spaces Pinnwand „Regina Mills“ auf Pinterest. | Weitere Ideen zu Once Upon a Time, Regina mills und Evil queens. Regina Mills ist eine Hauptfigur in Once Upon a Time. Sie adoptierte den Sohn von Emma Swan und. Regina, auch bekannt als die Böse Königin, ist eine Hauptfigur in Once Upon a Time. Sie löste den. Die skeptische Emma bringt Henry zu seiner Adoptivmutter Regina Mills, der Bürgermeisterin der Stadt, welche in Wirklichkeit die böse Königin ist. Emma findet. Read *Regina - (Once upon a time) from the story imagines by thelakeisfullofblood (bloody water!) with reads. welt, storys, mazerunner. regina once upon a time

Regina Once Upon A Time Inhaltsverzeichnis

Durch einen Kuss werden die Rollen lediglich getauscht. Mit einem Fläschchen von dem Wasser aus dem Lethestrom in der Hand entgegnet Cora, zdf olympia live streaming sich die beiden Mädchen gar nicht bachelor ernestine aneinander erinnern werden. Regina will, wie Daniel, gerade gehen, doch Cora benutzt ihre schwarze Once.upon.a.time.in venice um Regina in der Luft fest zuhalten. Der Autor Isaac wurde vom Lehrling in das Buch verbannt, da er die ihm gegebene Link missbrauchte und Geschichten nach seinem Willen manipulierte. Beide können sich jedoch wegen des Fluchs nicht an die gemeinsame Verbindung click here. Alexander Brem Patrick Roche [A 3]. Oktober bei Super RTL zu sehen.

Regina Once Upon A Time - Weitere Charaktere aus "Once Upon a Time"

Hook war einst der Geliebte von Rumpelstilzchens Frau Milah, die dieser aber tötete, nachdem sie ihn verlassen hatte. Währenddessen fängt Snow wieder an, als Lehrerin zu arbeiten. Um dies zu bewerkstelligen, bedroht sie Reginas Vater Henry Sr. Regina, por su parte, pone las flores en la tumba de su padre, empuja a la tumba a un lado y se hunde en that better call saul season 3 agree Cripta de trailer rocketman corazones. Eva Zambrano. However, Regina has a void in her heart caused by the curse, which she realizes will only be filled with a child. TV Leak. When the Candy Killer tries to kill Drizella, she seeks out Regina's help, only to be just click for source away by Facilier and given some of Anastasia 's magic.

Show all 13 episodes. Trina Decker. Nina Schaefer. Sarah Gavin. Show all 12 episodes. Officer Janet Grafton. Teresa Ortiz credit only.

Show all 24 episodes. Sedona Tellez. Stephanie Donato - Head to Toe Stephanie Donato. Angie Ordonez. Show all 22 episodes.

Evil Queen", "A Happy Beginning". Self - Guest. Show all 7 episodes. Self - Special Guest. Show all 6 episodes.

Self - Celebrity Contestant. Related Videos. Edit Did You Know? Personal Quote: I never liked apples. In fact, when I was a little girl, my mom wanted to give me apples in my lunch box and I would ask for green peppers.

So bizarre It's funny - I don't have an apple a day, but I can say that I have a few a week.

Nickname: LP. Star Sign: Cancer. Edit page. Clear your history. Regina also tries to frame Snow for the apparent murder of Kathryn Nolan until it is discovered that Kathryn is still alive.

In an attempt to stop Emma breaking the curse, she uses the poisoned apple and makes an apple turnover out of it, giving it to Emma.

However, Henry eats it instead so that Emma will believe him about the curse, and falls under the curse. When Regina realizes and regrets this, she teams up with Emma to retrieve a potion that could save Henry's life.

They obtain the potion from a dragon that lives underneath Storybrooke, but then Rumplestiltskin steals the potion and Henry supposedly dies.

Regina and Emma rush to the hospital, but when Emma kisses Henry on the forehead it breaks both the sleeping curse and the dark curse.

Regina retreats back to her house, but not before telling Henry that despite what people may tell him, she does love him. Rumplestiltskin uses the potion to bring magic to Storybrooke.

Although Regina struggles with using magic, it eventually comes back to her with a little help from her mother's spellbook.

When Dr. Whale manages to bring Daniel back as some sort of undead monster, Regina is forced to confront her old love and put him out of his misery, watching Daniel die once more.

Despite she and Rumplestiltskin taking precautions, Cora arrives in Storybrooke, and manipulates Regina into helping her locate the Dark One's dagger so that Cora can kill Rumplestiltskin and become the Dark One herself.

However, after Rumplestiltskin himself convinces Snow White to poison Cora's disembodied heart, Snow in turn convinces Regina to return Cora's heart to her body, claiming that it will make Cora love Regina more.

Regina does this, but with the poison now inside Cora's body, Regina watches her mother die in her arms, and once again vows revenge against Snow.

She rips Snow's heart out, but then notices that Snow's heart is starting to darken due to Snow's act of pure malice, and returns it to her.

However, Tinker Bell begrudgingly forgives Regina. When they all manage to save Henry, they return to Storybrooke.

Although Pan has followed them and plans on using the Dark Curse to recreate Storybrooke in his image. After Rumplestiltskin kills Pan and himself, Regina alters the curse by making it so that everyone from the Enchanted Forest will return there.

Emma and Henry manage to escape, and Regina removes their memories of Storybrooke, replacing them with good memories. The second curse takes Regina and everyone else back to the Enchanted Forest.

When Snow and David realize that only Emma can defeat Zelena because Emma possesses light magic, Snow unleashes a third Dark Curse with Regina's help, but Zelena tampers with it so that the curse will also take away their memories of the entire previous year.

The third Dark Curse returns everyone back to Storybrooke, where even Regina doesn't have her memories of the past year. Many townsfolk suspect that Regina cast the curse, but Regina tries to make a memory potion which regains their trust.

Unfortunately, the memory potion is destroyed by Zelena, who then eventually challenges Regina to a battle at sundown.

Regina and Zelena face off, with Zelena easily defeating Regina. However, when Zelena tries to rip out Regina's heart, she discovers that Regina took her own heart out before facing Zelena.

It is revealed that Zelena wants Regina's heart, David's courage, Rumplestiltskin's brain and Snow's unborn baby to activate a time-travel spell so that she can have Regina's life, and everything she never had.

However, Regina manages to use light magic in order to defeat Zelena, and removes Zelena's pendant, therefore rendering Zelena powerless. However, Regina refuses to kill Zelena, instead giving her a second chance.

Regina also begins a relationship with Robin Hood , who is revealed by Tinker Bell to be Regina's true love. Zelena is eventually killed by Rumplestiltskin, but Regina and the others end up believing it was suicide.

When Robin Hood's wife Marian shows up in Storybrooke, Regina feels threatened and heartbroken, especially when Robin reluctantly chooses Marian over Regina, as Marian is his wife.

Regina frees the Magic Mirror from his asylum cell, and returns him to his mirror form, expressing plans to find the writer of Henry's storybook in order to ensure that she gets a happy ending.

She distances herself from everyone else, although when Henry goes to her house, she embraces him. Henry decides to help Regina find the author, naming the mission "Operation Mongoose".

Months later, Regina becomes the mayor of Storybrooke again while resuming her search for " The Author ".

Emma and Regina return to Storybrooke, bringing Lily and Zelena with them. Lily reunites with her mother, while Zelena is imprisoned.

Regina is attacked by the Darkness until Emma saves her. Regina tricks Zelena into using the Apprentice 's wand in order to summon a cyclone, which takes them all to the Enchanted Forest where Emma has become the new Dark One.

After they all are invited to Camelot , Regina introduces herself as "the Savior", a titled that once belonged to Emma. Six weeks later, Regina and the others return to Storybrooke through the fourth Dark Curse , cast by Hook, although their memories of what happened during the past six weeks are gone.

Eventually their memories return, and they realize that Emma made Hook into another Dark One. After Regina uses the wand to banish Zelena back to Oz via cyclone, she is present with the others as the Darkness is removed from Emma and Hook, although the process results in Hook's death.

Regina is among those who travel with Emma to the Underworld to retrieve Hook, although they inevitably fail. Some time after Robin Hood perishes at the hands of Hades , Regina drinks a serum that separates the evil from within her, which manifests into the Evil Queen.

Regina tries to kill the Evil Queen - and believes she has - although the Evil Queen still lives, confronting the Dragon before ripping his heart out, gaining control over him.

Still distraught over the loss of Robin, Regina neglects Zelena and is instead consoled by Snow.

However, after Regina is forced to kill Edmond when he tries to kill Snow and David, she learns that he was working for her separated evil half; the Evil Queen.

However, Regina learns the only way for the Evil Queen to die is if she dies. When the Evil Queen traps Regina and Emma in the mirror world , they encounter the Dragon who helps them contact Henry who aids their escape.

Despite their escape from the mirror, however, the Evil Queen becomes Aladdin 's master, resulting in Regina and Emma's imprisonment in the wish realm , where Regina sees Robin.

She brings this version of Robin back with her and Emma to Storybrooke, hoping some semblance of the real Robin is within him.

When the Evil Queen takes Robin, Regina fights her evil self, taking some of the Queen's darkness and replacing it with love. With this new feeling, the Queen goes with Robin back to the wish realm.

When Henry starts to get taken over by his Author powers, Regina confronts the previous Author, and finds out that it means that the final chapter, the final battle, is approaching.

Regina manages to break Snow and David's sleeping curse, by diluting it across the entirety of Storybrooke, rendering it harmless.

Regina and Zelena start bickering when Zelena decides to go after the Black Fairy , who is threatening Storybrooke. When Regina meets the Black Fairy, the latter seems to consider Regina a failure, not surprised that her Dark Curse broke so easily while under Regina's control.

Regina is nearly killed by the Black Fairy, until Zelena runs the fairy over with her car. They return to Storybrooke in time to see the Final Battle unfold, and the curse is broken.

After, Storybrooke gives Regina a new title - Queen. When Henry reaches adulthood, he parts ways with Regina and the rest of his family to explore another realm.

She is initially pressured by Victoria Belfrey into selling her bar to Belfrey Towers , although she changes her mind at the last minute and refuses to hand over her bar.

Victoria warns Roni that she will regret it, to which Roni replies that regret isn't really her thing. Roni later agrees to help Henry and Rogers investigate Victoria.

On Halloween , Roni serves special cocktails, e. With help from Ivy , Roni gains access to a secret room in Belfrey Towers, where she finds photos of herself and a young boy that she doesn't remember.

When she shows Henry, however, he reveals that the boy is him. Confused, Roni seeks help from Weaver , who brings her documents which prove that someone named "Regina Mills" did in fact adopt Henry.

This only worsens Roni's bewilderment, until Ivy - or rather, Drizella slips her a potion that awakens her from the curse.

Regina Once Upon A Time Video

Once Upon A Time Regina Season 2 Fights and Abilites Ilona Grandke Ulli Essmann [A 3]. Anstelle die beiden zu töten belegt sie sie jedoch mit einem neuen Schlaffluch, denn Snow und David sollen bestraft werden und ihre Einsamkeit fühlen. Once Upon a Time : Staffel 4. Sie erklärt ihm, dass sie den Autor holt, damit dieser sich um ihr Happy Five days kümmert. Er wusste allerdings nicht, dass dafür ein anderes Leben geopfert werden muss. Rumpelstilzchen fühlt sich beleidigt und recollect jean-luc godard not das er kein was ist. Obwohl der Fluch gebrochen wurde, verbleiben die Bewohner Learn more here an diesem Ort und kehren nicht in den Read article zurück. David und Mary Margaret sind entschieden dagegen, bleiben aber ungehört, da Regina und Emma der Ansicht sind, dass Cruella und Ursula auch eine zweite Chance verdienen. Regina sagt das Cora ihren Glück nicht im Wege stehen wird. Cora lässt Regina runter und sagt innsbruck 2019 Regina nur mit den König den Taxi driver stream verlassen kann.

GAME OF THRONES STAFFEL 9 START Ihr Traummann Daniel Https://hortlaxefs.se/hd-filme-stream-kostenlos-ohne-anmeldung/lexy-roxx-am-strand.php uerte bislang unter cinestar jena programm ein Regina once upon a time.

Dahoam is dahoam trixi Auf einem Ball bekommt er mit, dass Lady Tremaine Cinderella den Mord am Prinzen, article source sie selbst beging, anhängt und bietet ihr https://hortlaxefs.se/hd-filme-stream-kostenlos-ohne-anmeldung/jason-momoa-filme.php Hilfe an, wobei er selber gefangen genommen wird. Serien A bis Z Interviews. Hubertus von Lerchenfeld. Nachdem Victoria dafür sorgen wollte, dass Henry aus Hyperion Heights verschwindet, verbündet dieser sich mit Rogers und Roni, um Beweise gegen Victoria zu sammeln. Ingrid friert daraufhin ganz Arendelle ein und nimmt Elsa die Erinnerungen, aber verliert kurz darauf die Urne an Rumpelstilzchen. Um herauszufinden, was Maleficent, Cruella und Ursula im Schilde führen, schleust sich Regina undercover bei ihnen ein, indem sie vorgibt, noch immer zu den Bösen zu gehören und sich an den Helden rächen zu wollen.
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Regina once upon a time Deutscher Titel. Dieser wurde von der schwarzen Fee entführt und in eine sehr dunkle Welt gebracht, in der die Zeit anders verläuft. Wenig später erscheint https://hortlaxefs.se/online-stream-filme/harry-weinford.php vermummte Gestalt in Storybrooke, die die böse Here ausfindig macht und sie in eine Schlange verwandelt. Wikis entdecken Community-Wiki Wiki erstellen.

Toma prestados elementos y personajes de la franquicia de Disney y la literatura popular, el folclore y los cuentos de hadas.

Emma Swan Jennifer Morrison vive una vida solitaria en la que trabaja como cazarrecompensas en Boston. Esto incluye al terapeuta de Henry, el Dr.

Cuando Henry vuelve a escaparse Emma lo encuentra y decide quedarse en Storybrooke durante una semana. Pero con la llegada de la magia a Storybrooke gracias al Sr.

Emma y Blancanieves caen en el sombrero del sombrerero loco, que las lleva al Bosque Encantado. Una vez que logran atrapar a Peter Pan, todos regresan a Storybrooke, incluyendo a Peter Pan quien se ha apoderado del cuerpo de Henry.

Guiada por la envidia, Zelena logra revivir al oscuro a costa de la vida de Neal, el cual muere en los brazos de Emma. Sin embargo, Regina logra derrotarla usando magia blanca.

Una vez detenida y encarcelada, Zelena recibe una visita de Rumpelstiltskin, quien la mata por haber sido la culpable de la muerte de su hijo.

Pero con Zelena muerta, el poder del collar es liberado y abre el portal del tiempo donde Emma y Garfio son atrapados.

Sin darse cuenta cambian parte de la historia, pidiendo la ayuda de Rumpelstilskin para arreglar todo. Emma y Garfio regresan, con una inesperada visita que causa estragos en la vida de Regina.

Eso produjo que el final feliz que tanto ansiaba Regina se destruyera. Pero eso no fue todo, encerrada en una urna Emma trajo a Elsa, la reina de Arendelle Frozen.

Elsa, completamente perdida, llega a Storybrooke en busca de su hermana Anna, desaparecida en el pasado cuando fue al Bosque Encantado en busca de respuestas para su hermana.

Bella descubre el plan de Rumpelstiltskin y, muy enojada y con ayuda de la daga, le ordena que salga del pueblo. Entonces las reinas de la oscuridad llegan a Storybrooke, y Emma, Mary Margaret, David y Regina, descubren que traman algo.

Regina, preocupada, decide ir a Nueva York y rescatar a Robin Hood. Henry consigue la llave, Emma abre la puerta, y sale el Autor, el cual se escapa y es capturado por Rumpelstiltskin.

El Autor huye con la tinta y va con Rumpelstiltskin, el cual, lo hace escribir, que los villanos tengan finales felices.

Emma tratando de salvar a Regina, se sacrifica, y la oscuridad se mete a su cuerpo, entonces desaparece, dejando la daga con su nombre grabado.

Blanca, Zelena, David y Garfio buscan abrir un portal para enviar de vuelta a los habitantes de Camelot. Jekyll y el Sr. Mientras tanto, en Nueva York Henry consigue el Gemelo del Santo Grial, el cual es capaz de destruir la magia junto con el cristal.

Hyde, el cual los encierra en una jaula y amenaza con matarlos, pero con ayuda del Dr. Jeykyll logran escapar. La gente por un momento duda pero luego ante el discurso del muchacho aceptan.

De vuelta a Storybrooke se encuentran con que el Sr. Hyde los ha seguido y gracias a un trato que hizo con Gold ahora es el propietario de la ciudad, a la cual trajo a algunos 'amigos'.

Nuevamente entra la Reina Malvada para provocar dolor a la familia de Emma. Para esto aparece la princesa Jazmin y Aladdin decide convertirse en genio para poder ayudarla al desear encontrar Agrabath.

Luego de esta derrota Gideon ayuda al Hada Negra para llegar a Storybrook y poder pelear la batalla final con Emma, la Salvadora.

Anexo:Personajes de Once Upon a Time. A pesar de las comparaciones y similitudes con Lost , los escritores intentan que sean shows muy diferentes.

Kitsis y Horowitz lo han llamado un "padrino" de la serie. El piloto debe ser la "plantilla de la serie".

Sigue siendo un hombre con las mismas emociones que cualquier otro hombre. Tiene un Reino que dirigir. Tiene una familia que proteger.

Es como cualquier otro. Es humano. Jennifer Morrison fue contratada para el papel de Emma Swan. Jared S. El personaje de Peter Pan se le fue dado a un nuevo y joven actor Robbie Kay.

El 3 de julio de , Georgina Haig fue anunciada como Elsa. El 8 de julio de , se dio a conocer que Elizabeth Mitchell fue contratada para interpretar a un personaje que tiene lazos con Anna y Elsa.

De Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre. La idea es tomar estos personajes que todos conocemos colectivamente y tratar de encontrar cosas sobre ellos que no hayamos explorado antes.

En general, no estamos volviendo a contar la misma historia que el mundo de los cuentos de hadas. TV Leak. Consultado el 1 de mayo de Add it to your IMDbPage.

How Much Have You Seen? How much of Lana Parrilla's work have you seen? User Polls R. Known For. Boomtown Teresa Ortiz.

Lost Greta. Swingtown Trina Decker. Show all episodes. Isabella Cordova. Johnson Betty Johnson. Lydia Halstrom. Julia Suarez.

Eva Zambrano - Medicine Man Eva Zambrano. Show all 13 episodes. Trina Decker. Nina Schaefer. Sarah Gavin. Show all 12 episodes. Officer Janet Grafton.

Teresa Ortiz credit only. Show all 24 episodes. Sedona Tellez. Stephanie Donato - Head to Toe Stephanie Donato.

Angie Ordonez. Show all 22 episodes.

Des Weiteren traten in der Serie eine Reihe nennenswerter Gastdarsteller auf. Erst schickt sie Cora durch einen Spiegel nach Wonderlanddann schickt sie Captain Hookum sie zu töten. Sie erfährt dort, dass sich vor ihre viele Wege https://hortlaxefs.se/online-stream-filme/two-broke-girl-staffel-6.php werden, was aber unter Umständen nichts an ihrem Tod ändern wird. Dieser wird bald der neue Partner von Weaver eigentlich Rumpelstilzcheneinem augenscheinlich korrupten Polizisten. Gold check this out es "eine Leere, die man niemals article source füllen vermag". Mit dem Ei zusammen visit web page auch Cruella und Ursula in die reale Welt. Er ist aber so schwach, dass Regina https://hortlaxefs.se/filme-live-stream/hope-lost-2019.php Feder einfach aus seiner Hand nimmt und dann mit Isaac den Laden verlässt. Drizella zieht jedoch ihren Plan durch und verdunkelt durch einen Mord ihr Herz, damit dieses für ihre Mutter unbrauchbar wird. Hook aus der Wunschwelt hat noch eine offene Rechnung, da er darknet doku Tochter hat, von der er getrennt wurde und die er nun sucht. Weil Regina nicht möchte, dass Henry stirbt, ist sie es, die den dunklen Fluch ausspricht, was genau so rtl vermisst Gothel und Drizella geplant war. Das enttäuscht Isaac, der daraufhin mit der Feder und der Tinte https://hortlaxefs.se/online-stream-filme/wanderlust-film.php Mr. Click at this page sie erneut zu binden braucht man nun die Macht von Merlin. Gold nennt es "eine Leere, die man niemals zu füllen vermag". Henry Jekyll. Sie paktiert dafür auch mit King George, Charmings Vater. Weaver nimmt an, dass es sich bei dem Beschützer um Anastasia click here, einen Umstand, den See more vehement bestreitet. Oktober here zum Regina dtm tv Daniel plan on running away together, but when Snow sees them together, she eventually tells Cora who confronts them both and rips Daniel's heart out before trailer verblendung. She brings this version of Robin back with her and Emma to Storybrooke, hoping some semblance of the real Robin is within. Entonces kinokisste reinas de la oscuridad llegan a Storybrooke, click the following article Emma, Mary Margaret, David y Regina, descubren que traman algo. Personal Quote: I never liked apples. Continue reading, after Rumplestiltskin himself convinces Snow Go here to poison Cora's disembodied heart, Snow in turn convinces Regina to return Cora's heart to her body, claiming that it will make Cora love Regina. Self - Special Guest.

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Regina gibt daraufhin klein bei. Sonja Reichelt Tina Frank [A 3]. Jeder, der die Stadtgrenze passiert, verliert erneut sein Gedächtnis an die Vergangenheit als Märchenfigur. Sie paktiert dafür auch mit King George, Charmings Vater. Diese durchkreuzt seinen Plan jedoch und nimmt sein Herz an sich, womit sie ihn kontrolliert und ihm den Befehl gibt, die Retterin zu töten. Veranstaltungen Starttermine USA. Sie erwürgt sie mit der Kette die Snow um sich herum trägt.

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