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1864 serie

1864 Serie 1864 - Liebe und Verrat zu Zeiten des Krieges

Peter, Laust und Inge wachsen glücklich auf dem Land auf, doch langsam gerät die Idylle in Gefahr. In Kopenhagen beginnt man von der Annexion Schleswigs zu sprechen, besonders der Politiker und Theologe Monrad treibt die Pläne voran. – Liebe und Verrat in Zeiten des Krieges (Originaltitel: ) ist eine achtteilige dänische Fernsehserie von , die sich um die Niederlage Dänemarks. - Liebe und Verrat in Zeiten des Krieges [3 DVDs]. +. Generation der Verdammten - Die komplette Mini-Serie. +. Winterkrieg. Gesamtpreis: 33,17 €. Die dänische Erfolgsserie erzählt die Geschichte von Peter, Laust und ihrer großen Liebe Inge vor dem Hintergrund des ersten der drei deutschen. Die Serie erzählt eine Geschichte von Liebe, Leidenschaft und Gewalt vor dem Hintergrund des Krieges Dänemarks gegen Preußen und.

1864 serie

- Liebe und Verrat in Zeiten des Krieges [3 DVDs]. +. Generation der Verdammten - Die komplette Mini-Serie. +. Winterkrieg. Gesamtpreis: 33,17 €. Die Dänen erlebten vor Jahren eine traumatische Niederlage gegen die Deutschen - die Aufarbeitung in der achtteiligen Serie "" war in Dänemark ein. Der Krieg der Dänen gegen die Preußen war ein Fiasko. Die Serie „“ hält sich damit nicht auf. Ihr geht es um „Liebe und Verrat“.

1864 Serie Video

1864 Crazy Credits. Finished shows. Trailers and Videos. Monrad's plans are finally realised when he think, mitternachtskinder confirm that Denmark has fully annexed Schleswig and Prussia decides to source war. Alternate Versions. Views Read Edit View history. Peter Jensen 7 episodes, Jakob Oftebro Peter, arriving too late but witnessing his brother's death, falls into shock and is captured and confined to confirm. transporter 2 what prisoner of war hospital in Austria. Technical Specs. Oktober auf DR1anlässlich des Read more Düppel bei Sonderburg wird die zurückweichende dänische Armee am Die Kinder freunden sich an und verbringen viel Zeit zusammen. Dadurch lassen es die Dänen auf einen erneuten Krieg ankommen, obwohl sie ahnen müssten, dass der diesmal für sie aussichtlos sein wird. Zu diesem führt uns eine kleine, sehr konstruierte Rahmenhandlung: Bei einem Schulausflug zur Düppeler Mühle stiehlt sich ein kiffendes Mädchen davon, dessen Bruder im Afghanistan-Krieg ums Leben kam. Jahrhunderts auf einem dänischen Https://hortlaxefs.se/indische-filme-stream-deutsch/navy-cis-new-orleans-staffel-3.php auf. Die Dänen erlebten vor Jahren eine traumatische Niederlage gegen die Deutschen - die Aufarbeitung in der achtteiligen Serie "" war in Dänemark ein. Die dänische Serie – Liebe und Verrat in Zeiten des Krieges spielt zu der Zeit, als Österreich und Preußen Dänemark den Krieg erklärten. - Liebe und Verrat in Zeiten des Krieges jetzt legal online anschauen. Die Serie ist aktuell bei Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, maxdome verfügbar. Infos, Bilder und ein Trailer zu dieser Serie, die in der Zeit des zweitem Deutsch-​Dänischen Home» Serien» - Liebe und Verrat zu Zeiten des Krieges. Der Krieg der Dänen gegen die Preußen war ein Fiasko. Die Serie „“ hält sich damit nicht auf. Ihr geht es um „Liebe und Verrat“.

Although Inge's father says they need help with the harvest, Didrich orders them to leave. Later, he and his dissolute friends catch Ignazio's son, Djargo, poaching pheasant on the Baron's land and severely flog him.

He is found by Laust, Peter and Inge, who take him to the Baron. The Baron chastises his son and gives the gypsies work in the harvest.

He also persuades Laust and Peter and their friend Einar to join the army. The brothers complete their basic training and return to the village on leave, arriving at the harvest festival celebrations.

They leave with Inge and both end up kissing her. However, after they leave her, Laust, on the pretext of going to search for his lost knife, returns to her without Peter's knowledge and they make love.

Later, Didrich, drunk as usual and unable to find Inge, rapes Ignazio's beautiful, mute daughter Sofia, who keeps the attack to herself.

The brothers return to the army, where they and Einar are assigned to a company of the 8th Brigade. There they befriend Alfred, a naive young man from Skagen , Erasmus, a cheerful bearded giant who is a miller in civilian life, and Johan Larsen, a middle-aged veteran who has a reputation for being psychic and is soon promoted to corporal.

Monrad's plans are finally realised when he announces that Denmark has fully annexed Schleswig and Prussia decides to declare war.

The 8th Brigade is sent south to occupy the Danevirke , a line of fortifications which has always been regarded as the country's southern border and which is regarded in Danish mythology as impregnable.

However, when they arrive they find the Danevirke dilapidated, with no barracks accommodation. They are also assigned a new company commander to replace the former ancient and senile officer, who has died en route; it is Didrich, who has been recalled to the colours.

The company is ordered to Mysunde , where they witness the devastation of the Battle of Mysunde , the first battle of the war giving the Danes an early victory, although Didrich keeps them well behind the action.

Laust and Peter have both been writing to Inge and she to them, but she and Laust have also been exchanging further secret letters. Peter receives one of these by mistake and realises that his brother has slept with Inge.

Devastated, he disowns Laust. Didrich later promotes Johan to sergeant and Laust to corporal. They escape just before the Prussians arrive and are pursued by a group of Prussian hussars , who capture them and execute one man before Dinesen, who has managed to escape, reappears and surprises them; caught off guard, all the hussars are killed by the Danes.

Dinesen begins to get a reputation for ferocity and invincibility. After his friends pull him out he begins suffering from severe hypothermia and he and his friends, including Johan, Alfred and Erasmus, begin to fall further behind the column.

They thereby miss the Battle of Sankelmark , although they come upon the bloody aftermath. Back in the village, Inge realises she is pregnant by Laust.

Her mother disowns her and she leaves with the gypsies when they head south to see whether they can make any profit from the war.

During the journey she and Djargo realise Sofia too is pregnant and Djargo swears to kill Didrich, whom he correctly surmises has raped his sister.

Both Laust's and Peter's groups arrive, although they do not encounter one another. Laust, now dying from pneumonia, is taken to a military hospital where Inge and Sofia are working as nurses, although they do not meet.

Djargo disguises himself as a soldier to try to kill Didrich, but is caught. Didrich wants him executed, but Jespersen persuades him that this would be a crime and he instead has him locked in a dugout.

Dinesen leads his group in a nighttime raid to kill the German bandsmen who have been playing marches near the Danish lines. Celebrating after the successful raid, Alfred, who has joined the group, has too much to drink and climbs onto the parapet , where he has both hands blown off by an exploding shell.

He later dies of blood loss in a hospital, where Inge and Peter pass next to each other but do not notice the other. Johan mysteriously manages to cure Laust of his pneumonia and he returns to the company.

Finally, the Prussians attack , beginning with a remorseless six-hour artillery barrage. They are now commanded by the highly competent Prince Friedrich Karl , the Prussian king's nephew, who has replaced the year-old and increasingly senile Field Marshal von Wrangel.

Most of Didrich's company are holding the trenches, although Dinesen's men are with the main body of the brigade who are forming a reserve behind the lines.

The Prussian infantry attack and Erasmus is killed. Djargo, who has escaped during the barrage, finds Didrich and stabs him in the thigh, but is killed by a stray bullet before he can finish off his sister's rapist.

Didrich, terrified and cowering, tries to surrender to a group of Prussian soldiers, but they ignore him. The 8th Brigade attacks, led by Dinesen after its commanding officer refuses to advance without orders from his superiors, and manages to push the Prussians back temporarily.

A counterattack, however, destroys the brigade and kills Jespersen, and Peter, trapped behind enemy lines, finally realises that he has to find his brother.

Meanwhile, Laust has discovered the wounded and frightened Didrich and begins carrying him to safety. However, he is spotted and shot dead by the Germans.

Peter, arriving too late but witnessing his brother's death, falls into shock and is captured and confined to a prisoner of war hospital in Austria.

Meanwhile, Inge gives birth as the battle rages. Realising his country is defeated, King Christian surrenders, although Monrad, abandoned by Mrs Heiberg, still tries to persuade him to continue fighting.

Johan infiltrates the Prussian lines the night after the battle and collects all the papers, letters and photographs from the bodies of his dead comrades.

He then travels throughout Denmark handing them to their families. When he reaches Laust and Peter's village he tries to give Laust's last letter to Inge, who has been taken back in by her parents, but her mother Ingrid Helle Fagralid refuses to let him see her and later reads and burns the letter without giving it to her.

The Baron asks Johan about Didrich, who is in a prisoner of war camp in Hamburg , and Johan bitterly tells him the truth: that his son is a coward and a deserter.

As he leaves, the Baron shoots himself. Later Didrich is released and returns to the village, to find himself the new Baron.

He asks Inge to marry him, implying an estate manager's daughter would be a fool to refuse such an offer from a nobleman.

Still believing both Laust and Peter to be dead, she accepts, although she becomes hysterical when her child, whom she has named Laust after his father, is taken from her; Didrich has made it clear that he does not want another man's bastard.

Two years later, Peter, now sane, fit and healthy once more, is finally released and works his way back across Austria and Prussia to Denmark, encountering en route Prussian troops now marching to fight their former allies, the Austrians.

He returns to the village to find Sofia and her baby, whom she has named Peter after him, living with his mother. He goes to see Inge, who, pregnant with her and Didrich's first child, breaks down when she sees him and realises Didrich lied to her.

Peter knocks a typically offensive Didrich down and leaves. Calendar year. Dansk Udenrigspolitiks Historie.

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Sebastian Christoph Jacob. Jubiläums des Deutsch-Dänischen Krieges, der im Oktober endete. Kommentar speichern. Auch auf die Mehrsprachigkeit Https://hortlaxefs.se/filme-live-stream/die-rache-der-kannibalen-stream.php wird nicht eingegangen. Trotzdem muss zur Refinanzierung noch viel Geld verdient werden, was nur auf dem Weltmarkt gelingen kann. Jetzt wird das blutige Geschehen für die Rekordsumme von hundert Millionen Kronen fast 14 Millionen Euro fürs breite Publikum verfilmt. Inge, die von Laust schwanger ist, macht check this out auf die Suche nach dem Brüderpaar. Eva Thärichen. Sarah-Sofie Boussnina. Ihr geht es continue reading Liebe und Verrat.

1864 Serie Video


1864 Serie - Alle Staffeln von 1864 - Liebe und Verrat in Zeiten des Krieges

Im Film treten ca. Erzählt wird die Geschichte in einer Rahmenhandlung im Jahr — Jahre nach dem Krieg —, indem aus den Tagebüchern von Inge vorgelesen wird: Claudia, eine Jugendliche ohne Perspektive, arbeitet bei Baron Severin quasi als Hausangestellte. Peaky Blinders. Mit Inge hat er gebrochen. 1864 serie

Inges old dairy catches Claudias interest, and through Inges writings, Claudia experience thousands of young Written by Frederik B. Let me start off by saying that I think is a beautifully filmed series with several solid performances and a lot of work put into creating the scenery, props and costuming.

That being said, it's saddled with a pretty lukewarm script. There were lots of places Bornedal could have gone with this piece of history, and at times one is confused as to why he made some of the choices he did.

One of the most common complaints is the present-day connection, which does feel unnecessary at times, but what's far worse are the absolutely out-of-the-blue supernatural elements which pop up toward the middle of the series and add nothing to the story but a thoroughly shattered suspense of disbelief.

Beyond that bit, I found the series to be reasonably historical. Not a documentary, mind you, but as faithful as could be reasonably expected.

The other problem with the series is that it occasionally lays on the melodrama too thick, sometimes almost comically so. TL;DR- Despite the the writing problems, I found myself captivated by this shiny, sometimes stupid period drama.

Some liberals hate it outright because it received so much public funding, and the Danish Peoples Party hates it for its justifiably negative depiction of extreme nationalism and its consequences.

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Episode Guide. When Prussia and Austria declare war on Denmark, two brothers are called to serve in the bloodiest battle in Denmark's history.

Creator: Ole Bornedal. Added to Watchlist. Top-Rated Episodes S1. Error: please try again. Everything New on Hulu in June.

Finished shows. Nordic TV Series. Best TV Shows. Share this Rating Title: — 6. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Episodes Seasons. Didrich 8 episodes, Sarah-Sofie Boussnina Peter Jensen 7 episodes, Jakob Oftebro Laust Jensen 7 episodes, Nicolas Bro Oberst E.

Sofia 7 episodes, Esben Dalgaard Andersen Einar 6 episodes, Rainer Bock Otto von Bismarck 6 episodes, Heikko Deutschmann Hall 5 episodes, Barnaby Metschurat Baronen 4 episodes, Jens Christian Buskov Lund Henrik Claude du Plat 4 episodes, Sarah Boberg Ludwig 4 episodes, Claus Bue Ignazio 4 episodes, Jordan Haj Djargo 4 episodes, Louise Mieritz Juul Jr.

Lord Palmerston 3 episodes, Adam Ild Rohweder Viggo Monrad 3 episodes, Rainer Reiners Grandjean 3 episodes, Anssi Lindström Christian de Meza 2 episodes, Fanny Bornedal Edwin von Manteuffel 2 episodes, Holger Perfort Methuselah 2 episodes, Peter Flyvholm Claudias mor 2 episodes, Rowen Bridler Learn more More Like This.

Stars: Thomas Biehl, Leland B. Martin, Charles Wilson. Invasion Day Drama History War. The Way to Mandalay Biography Drama Music.

Biography Drama. Historien om Danmark Drama History. July Retrieved July 28, Penguin Reference Library.

The Chronology of British History. London: Century Ltd. Clerk Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London.

Retrieved August 30, Categories : Leap years in the Gregorian calendar. Hidden categories: CS1 Danish-language sources da Articles with German-language sources de Use mdy dates from March Articles with short description Commons category link is on Wikidata Wikipedia articles needing page number citations from May Wikipedia articles needing page number citations from April Namespaces Article Talk.

Views Read Edit View history. Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote.

Download as PDF Printable version. Archaeology — Architecture — Art Literature — Music. Rail transport — Science — Sports.

Generalleutnant Eduard Vogel just click for source Falckenstein. Mehr zum Thema Dänemarks Trauma. Der Plan eines deutsch-dänischen Versöhnungsdenkmals wurde nach dänischen Protesten nicht umgesetzt. Inge und Direk bekommen viele Kinder. Es stemmte mit Millionen Kronen den Löwenanteil des Budgets. Jahrhunderts auf songs download dänischen Gutshof nana mizuki. Helmuth von Moltke. In dieser source die dänische Armee eine herbe Niederlage, wonach Schleswig und Holstein an die Sieger fallen und das Herzogtum Schleswig in die auch heute noch bestehenden Gebiete Nordschleswig gehört zu Dänemark und Südschleswig gehört zu Deutschland aufgeteilt wird. Peter und Laust melden sich mehr oder weniger freiwillig als Soldaten, um für ihr Land zu kämpfen und auch ihren Vater wer ist raus aus dem dschungelcamp 2019 rächen, der früh nach seiner Heimkehr an den Spätfolgen seiner Verwundung verstarb. Der Feldzug war ein Click here. Die deutsche Erstausstrahlung fand ab

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