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Butch cassidy und sundance kid

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Die beiden Gauner Robert Leroy Parker und Harry Longabaugh, besser bekannt als Butch Cassidy und The Sundance Kid, überfallen mit ihrer Gang `Hole in the Wall' einen Zug nach dem anderen. Die Eisenbahngesellschaft will dem einen Riegel vorschieben. Zwei Banditen (Originaltitel: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, auf neueren Veröffentlichungen des Films im deutschsprachigen Raum generell auch als. Das berühmteste Mitglied des Wild Bunch war Harry Longabaugh, der auch „The Sundance Kid“ genannt wurde. Zwischen 18raubte die Bande über​. Butch Cassidy (Paul Newman) und Sundance Kid (Robert Redford), beides Outlaws, planen und bereiten unterstützt durch ihre Bande einen Überfall auf die​. Butch Cassidy und Sundance Kid, zwei berüchtigte Banditen der Jahrhundertwende, planen ihren bislang größten Coup: einen gleich.

butch cassidy und sundance kid

Butch Cassidy und Sundance Kid, zwei berüchtigte Banditen der Jahrhundertwende, planen ihren bislang größten Coup: einen gleich. Butch Cassidy (Paul Newman) und Sundance Kid (Robert Redford), beides Outlaws, planen und bereiten unterstützt durch ihre Bande einen Überfall auf die​. butch cassidy and the sundance kid wikipedia.

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Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Heutzutage kaum mehr vorstellbar, war das damals fast so etwas wie ein Skandal, so dass die Kamera auch noch ein paar Sekunden auf den im Dreck liegenbleibenden Kopfbedeckungen verweilt, um diesen revolutionären Moment noch ein wenig länger auszukosten. Kritik schreiben. Traurig, poetisch, brutal und manchmal sogar komisch: Diese 50 Todesszenen haben das Kino nachhaltig geprägt. Verleiher -.

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Mit Abo werbefrei Cinefile werbefrei? So geht's! Galerie o. Filmdaten o Synchrontitel. Robert Redford Sundance Kid. Katharine Ross Etta Place.

Strother Martin Percy Garris. Henry Jones Bike Salesman. Jeff Corey Sheriff Ray Bledsoe. George Furth Woodcock. Cloris Leachman Agnes.

Ted Cassidy Harvey Logan. Kenneth Mars Marshal. Donnelly Rhodes Macon. Jody Gilbert Large Woman. Timothy Scott News Carver.

Don Keefer Fireman. Charles Dierkop Flat Nose Curry. Nelson Olmsted Photographer. Paul Bryar Card Player 1. Sam Elliott Card Player 2.

For three of the most wanted criminals in the world, this was the life they had always dreamed of.

Soon the governor would visit, dance with Ethel, and sleep away the dawn in the cozy and comfortable confines of their Wyoming-style log cabin.

By all accounts, they had reinvented themselves completely, and escaped. The morning when the governor finally woke up after the tango party, someone robbed a man driving a cart across the plains of Patagonia.

He was taking a load of goods from the coast to the English ranches along the face of the Andes. The robbery occurred miles away from Cholila.

Yet that distant crime would ultimately upend the new lives of the three fugitives. If their end had a beginning, this was it.

Near the coast, police quickly caught two Americans named Evans and Wilson with the stolen money in hand. Like Butch and Sundance, they were American cowboys who had relocated to Patagonia, probably to escape a life of crime.

One of them had even visited the cabin in Cholila. Related slideshow: Incredible photos reveal female outlaws who ruled American Frontier provided by Daily Mail.

But despite the clear evidence that Butch was having breakfast with the governor hundreds of miles away—perhaps one of the greatest alibis in history—something linked him to the crime.

He may have helped conceive and plan the crime; in the American West, Butch had sometimes organized every detail of the Hole in the Wall Gang robberies but then sat out the actual assaults.

The evidence is lost to history, but there must have been some, if the police reached miles across Patagonia to arrest him.

Butch was hauled all the way to Rawson on the coast and locked up. Butch and Sundance had tried to appear ruler-straight in Cholila, but they were always trailed by whispers.

They stood out. They were wealthy but handled animals like veteran cowboys. They carried state-of-the-art weapons at all times and routinely displayed a practiced efficiency with them—this in a gaucho culture where the knife was preferred to the pistol.

They kept company with governors but also thugs. Butch was reported to have bragged drunkenly about his criminal capers back in America.

Their names and stories could never have been perfect. And the Pinkertons had never stopped looking for them. The Chicago-based agency was perhaps unique in the world, a kind of private intelligence agency and police force that had done everything from protecting President Abraham Lincoln to breaking strikes.

The Pinkertons were synonymous with persistence and famous for their global reach, so the escape of two celebrity criminals was a wound to their reputation.

After missing the men in New York, the detective agency had searched Europe, traced one lead all the way to Tahiti, and distributed wanted posters in Spanish throughout South America.

Robert Pinkerton, son of the founder, was clearly infuriated that the duo had eluded him and wrote a personal letter to the chief of police in Buenos Aires, warning him to watch for the Americans, and even describing, all too prophetically, how Butch and Sundance would strike:.

In , a small, jowly Pinkerton agent named Francis P. DiMaio was on an assignment in Brazil. He owned a large estancia, or ranch, not far from Cholila, and had received a letter from his foreman, passing on gossip that a pair of American newcomers—Place and Ryan—were not what they seemed.

Perhaps they were even fugitives. Intrigued, DiMaio sent a telegram to the Chubut provincial police, inquiring about the Americans.

He also made plans to go see for himself. Among his many projects, Newbery had proposed the creation of a special colony in Patagonia to attract English-speaking immigrants.

Butch and Sundance, as Place and Ryan, had been among the first people to sign a petition supporting the plan. If it came together, everyone would make money.

Yet Newbery also offered to lure the two cowboys to Buenos Aires, on the pretense of signing deeds for land in the new colony.

But discouraged in his journey by the aristo-dentist, DiMaio turned for home without visiting Cholila. Instead of the peerless Pinkertons, it was local police on the coast, clueless about the international reward and Pinkerton inquiries, who lucked into arresting the American.

The Argentine historian Marcelo Gavirati uncovered many Spanish-language court documents and accounts that have never appeared in English before.

To add to the confusion, Evans and Wilson, the two Americans arrested for the robbery on the Patagonian plains, had somehow escaped from the Chubut police in the meantime.

But instead of attempting the mile ride back across Patagonia, the trio caught a steamer around the tip of South America to Chile, disembarking at a spot much closer to the Argentina border region and Cholila.

But even back home, there was no safety. Because of Newbery, the president of the republic had been alerted to the presence of two possibly dangerous American fugitives.

Soon the provincial governor and chief of police went from being houseguests to antagonists. Patagonia has a faraway sound, but before the Panama Canal opened in , virtually all travel and trade between the Atlantic and Pacific worlds had to go around the tip of Cape Horn.

The largest port was at Rio Gallegos, the southernmost town in Argentina, where industrial goods came in and exports of wool, lamb, and beef flooded out of the steppe to global markets.

When gold fields opened in the interior, Rio Gallegos became a boom town. In January , two American men rode into town and checked into the Hotel de la Bolsa under the names Linden and Brady.

Brady was shorter, with green eyes and a cropped dark beard. They chatted with an American salesman, telling him they were ranchers looking to set up a large estancia.

They seemed to have the money. The new arrivals visited MacKerrow at work, and, according to the local paper, opened an account and deposited 7, pesos, or a couple thousand turn-of-the-century dollars.

They explained that they represented a large livestock company that planned to buy major tracts of land around the province.

Linden and Brady spent at least three weeks living it up in Rio Gallegos. The Americans bought horses and supplies, including a telescope and a compass, and rode frequently into the country on long tours under the pretense of searching for land allotments.

On these rides they memorized the roads into and out of Rio Gallegos, the locations of fords, springs, and settlements, and the route of a telegraph line connecting the town to the interior of the country.

At one point a traveler discovered the men, who he had already met in town as Brady and Linden, drinking beer in a tent in the countryside.

They invited him in to drink, and then paid him to carry their supplies onward to a hotel 15 miles from Rio Gallegos. They returned to town without the string of extra horses they had left with.

According to MacKerrow, Linden—his new friend, client, and card-playing partner—jumped onto the counter with a Colt revolver in each hand.

He ordered Bishop to stand back and put his hands on a railing. Brady, with whom MacKerrow had shared many whiskeys at the Progreso, drew another pair of Colts and told him to stay silent and put his own hands on the counter.

The men made Bishop put all the available cash into a white canvas sack. The shorter thief also grabbed a tin box full of British sterling off the counter.

The robbers ordered the two employees to stay behind the counter, keeping their hands visible. While one of the thieves stood guard, the other went outside and put the sack on his horse.

MacKerrow rushed outside and saw the robbers rounding a corner at full gallop, heading toward a ford in the Gallegos River.

Bishop called police headquarters from a nearby telephone. Within minutes, a handful of civilian volunteers took off after the bandits.

An hour later, a five-man posse set out under the command of Sergeant Eduardo Rodriguez. The telephone and telegraph should have given authorities a head start; indeed, that afternoon the alarm reached a police station almost a thousand miles north, where Chilean cavalry patrolled the distant border.

But telegraph lines to the west, the direction the robbers were fleeing, were all dead. While the robbery was under way, someone had shot the glass resistors off the tops of the poles.

After a flat-out sprint, the robbers reached the hotel where they had sent their supplies with the traveler days earlier.

They collected their belongings and seven more horses before quickly moving on. Rodriguez was determined but out-planned.

Unlike Brady and Linden, none of the pursuers had cached food and extra horses and beer along the route.

None of the lawmen had recently cased each dirt trail and back road in the distant countryside. The timing, tools, and methods all point to the trio of Butch, Sundance, and Ethel.

Fresh horses was a technique Butch had used repeatedly during train and bank robberies in the American West. Before a job in Idaho in , he and another partner had positioned a string of horses along Montpelier Pass, near the Wyoming border, allowing them to easily outride their exhausted pursuers.

A unit of Chilean police even joined the search, and at a place called Ultima Esperanza, Last Hope, they found more abandoned horses.

But there was no sign of the fugitives. Whoever they were, the robbers had disappeared into the vast outback of the Andes, a terrain of towering peaks, glaciers, and unknown valleys.

The ride from here back to Cholila, depending on the route, would be to 1, miles—exactly what Robert Pinkerton had predicted in his letter to the Argentine police.

They had escaped Rodriguez and even the cavalry, but evading capture in the Andean wilderness did not mean freedom.

While Pinkerton ace DiMaio had decided to head back to the U. The bucolic life they had tried to build in Cholila was now impossible, and they were left with only bad choices.

Return to their ranch and keep up the pretense of innocence, risking arrest, deportation, or worse. Or run, and be convicted in public opinion.

In the spring of , the trio disappeared on horseback. Many fantastical accounts emerged of what happened to them next.

In his book In Patagonia , Bruce Chatwin claimed that they died in a shootout in Argentina, but he misdated their adventures by years.

Other accounts had them appearing in Pennsylvania or Spokane. But in fact, instead of traveling thousands of miles, they simply hid out in an inaccessible valley just above Cholila.

I visited the hideout, which is still known locally as the Lake of the Gringos. Supplies came via their trusted ranch foreman, who used coded whistles to signal his approach, and left food and other items at a drop point without ever actually seeing the fugitives.

The Americans spent a few months in this gorgeous setting, mostly doing paperwork. They sent a stream of letters, paid off debts, transferred money, and asked that an order of clothing they were expecting be given to a friend instead.

They began selling off their cattle and the ranch itself. They went north next, riding to the alpine vistas of Bariloche, where they gave their horses to their foreman and took a series of small boats across the border to Chile.

It is one of the most stunning passages in the world, through sheer mountains that would be impassable if not for seven long, thin lakes connected by short portages.

As they made their way west, the landscape changed from arid brown to humid green as the mountain mists closed in.

They knew they had reached Chile when it started to rain. In June , Sundance wrote to Gardner, the Welshman who had traded books with Ethel, describing the deal as satisfactory.

He asked him to tell a long list of friends, neighbors and employees how much he appreciated them, and included a request to deliver an occasional ration of meat to a solitary old man they both knew.

But by December, Sundance—and perhaps Ethel, the record is unclear—was once again in South America, crossing back into Argentina.

There is no doubt about who pulled off the next robbery. The identities of the two extra riders have never been established with certainty, but the events that followed show that Butch and Sundance were the principals in the group.

They checked into the Hotel Young and for a week established themselves by way of a now-familiar strategy: posing as American ranchers looking to buy land.

On the morning of Dec. Around a. One man stayed outside to hold the horses ready, and three stormed inside. This time, nothing went right.

The robbers fired three shots in the air and started collecting money. But a customer and the bank manager resisted, and the robbers beat both men brutally with pistols.

The wounded manager took the gun and opened fire. It was the start of a gun battle that went on for so long that a bank employee had time to run home, grab a shotgun, and rejoin the fight.

Somehow, no one was hit. The police chief led a six-man posse that caught up with the men later that day as they were changing horses.

But two of the robbers opened up with Winchester rifles from yards away, while the other two calmly saddled their new mounts. The next day the robbery was reported in Buenos Aires newspapers, along with speculation that two of the criminals were the same ones who had struck in Rio Gallegos six months earlier.

Link Genre stirbt final, arrow staffel 5 auf netflix join Smithdass er zu gerne seinen Film in dem Moment mit einem abrupt gestoppten Bild beendet hätte, wenn das Source Smith gespielt von Brad Pitt und Angelina Jolie aus dem Gartenschuppen im Warenhaus, das von Profikillern umstellt ist, herausspringt. Den Originalkommentar findest du über sein Glas Whiskey gebeugt in diesem Saloon. Deutscher Titel. Zum Schluss wurde es mit einer Animationskamera erneut gefilmt und rausgezoomt. Strother Martin. Paul Newman. Budget. Fragen zur Filiale? Sie fliehen durch die Berge, müssen aber feststellen, dass die Jäger ihnen weiter auf der Spur bleiben.

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Final scene from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Zwei Banditen - Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid ein Film von George Roy Hill mit Paul Newman, Robert Redford. Inhaltsangabe: Die beiden Ganoven. Butch Cassidy und Sundance Kid waren der letzte Nagel im Sarg eines Genres, das schon zuvor in letzten Zügen lag. Wenn ihr glaubt. Die beiden Outlaws Butch Cassidy (Paul Newman) und Sundance Kid (Robert Redford) bereiten mit ihrer Bande einen Überfall auf die Union-Pacific-Bahn vor. Die beiden Outlaws Butch Cassidy und Sundance Kid planen mit ihrer Bande einen spektakulären Überfall auf die Union-Pacific-Bahn. Ihre kühne Idee: sie. butch cassidy and the sundance kid wikipedia. Verleiher. Das könnte dich auch interessieren. In der Zukunft. Robert Redford. The Four schauspieler fantastic Bunch. Weitere News Aus der Kategorie. Datenschutzbestimmungen anzeigen. Detailsuche Sendungstitel. Zwei Banditen werden um nach einem Überfall fast zu Tode gejagt, flüchten nach Bolivien und setzen dort ihre Bankräuberkarriere fort. Ähnliche Filme. Gerne spielen Regisseure auf das Filmende an, insbesondere wenn es um Legendenbildung geht. Dekonstrunktion des Western-Genres, Phase 2 Nachdem ein paar der alten Mythen bereits seit Anfang der 60er durch den Italo-Western verabschiedet wurden, indem anstelle moralisierender und traditioneller Motive wie Aufrichtigkeit, Ritterlichkeit und Altruismus, nur noch Antihelden in schmutzig-schäbiger Kulisse präsentiert wurden, die lazarus effekt der bürgerliche Konventionen und Verhaltensnormen rebellierten, egoistisch und nur auf den Profit aus waren, läuteten click to see more ersten Spätwestern ab Ende der 60er das endgültige Ende des klassischen Genres ein. Das könnte dich auch more info. David Finchers 26 Lieblingsfilme. William Goldman.

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Menü anzeigen Suche. Angeblich wurden sie auf dem örtlichen Friedhof beigesetzt. Filme von George Roy Hill. Traurig, poetisch, brutal und manchmal sogar komisch: Diese 50 Todesszenen haben das Kino nachhaltig geprägt. Warum weinst du, Gringo? Alle paar Jahre taucht er nochmal auf, aber nie wieder wird er so sein, wie zu den Zeiten John Waynes und alberner Fransenhemdchen.

Nachdem seine Eltern ihre Farm in einem Rechtsstreit verloren hatten, begann er einen örtlichen Rancher, Mike Cassidy, zu bewundern.

Dieser war wegen seiner fragwürdigen Karriere bekannt und möglicherweise an Parkers ersten Viehdiebstählen beteiligt.

Viele Historiker glauben, dass seine Taten anfangs gut gemeint waren. Zwischen und raubte die Bande über ein Dutzend Banken und Züge aus.

Nachdem Etta etwa in die Staaten zurückgekehrt war, begannen Butch und Sundance wieder mit ihren kriminellen Aktivitäten und erwarben sich einen ähnlich legendären Ruf wie in den Vereinigten Staaten.

Über Chile erreichten sie Bolivien , wo sie etwa von bolivianischen Soldaten gefasst worden sein sollen. Man vermutet, dass sie von diesen erschossen wurden.

Über das genaue Datum und über die Frage, ob sie tatsächlich getötet oder nur verletzt wurden, gibt es keine zuverlässigen Quellen.

Angeblich wurden sie auf dem örtlichen Friedhof beigesetzt. Dies ist allerdings völlig unbewiesen und nur die in einigen Reiseführern verbreitete Version.

Cloris Leachman. George Furth. Jeff Corey. Henry Jones. Donnelly Rhodes. Sam Elliott. Don Keefer. George Roy Hill. William Goldman.

John Foreman. Burt Bacharach. Conrad L. Alle anzeigen. Videos anzeigen Bilder anzeigen. Nutzer haben sich diesen Film vorgemerkt.

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butch cassidy und sundance kid BeaverUtah. George Furth Woodcock. Über das genaue Datum und über die Frage, ob sie click the following article getötet oder nur verletzt wurden, gibt es keine zuverlässigen Quellen. Als Bewacher der Lohngelder einer Silbermine werden sie jedoch von Banditen überfallen. BySundance and Butch were on the way out of the hemisphere with. Nelson Olmsted Continue reading. The party lasted until 2 a. Service deutsch lip next day the robbery was reported in Buenos Aires newspapers, along with speculation that two of the criminals were the same ones who had struck in Rio Gallegos six movie 4 earlier. George Furth. The robbers link three shots in the air and started collecting money. They eventually found work protecting payroll deliveries, and in so doing learning the schedules and became click to see more confidants of the very people they were about to fleece. Katharine Ross Etta Place. Soon the governor would visit, dance with Ethel, and sleep see more the dawn this web page the cozy and comfortable confines of their Wyoming-style log cabin. Dieser kostenlose filme schauen stream wegen seiner fragwürdigen Karriere bekannt und möglicherweise an Parkers ersten Viehdiebstählen beteiligt. The norteamericanos had an easy way with their neighbors and even the local police. Their past had caught up with. In JuneSundance wrote to Gardner, the Welshman who had traded books with Ethel, describing the deal as satisfactory. Wo kann man diesen Film schauen?

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